Emergency Assistance

The primary goal is to meet with and welcome folks who are in need of urgent/emergent assistance (food, transportation, emergency housing, etc.) and evaluate how BPC can help fulfill those needs or connect these folks to appropriate community resources. Team members help facilitate intakes, have ongoing relationships with people we meet/assist, help the congregation better understand our assistance process and procedures, and communicate with the Deacons and Diaconal team about these cases.

For more information contact John Moultrie or Laura Martino.

One way that everyone at BPC can help this team is to keep some of the green cards above with you in your wallet, purse, car, workbag, gymbag, etc. to give to folks you might meet who are in need of emergency assistance (food, shelter, medical care, etc.) These cards are available on the table by the doors into Lupton Auditorium every Sunday.

The green card has contact information for the Deacons Line. Please encourage anyone who might need assistance to call or text the number listed on the card and one of the Emergency Assistance team members or a Deacon will return the call or text within 24 hours to arrange for an emergency assistance intake. Intakes are typically done on Sunday mornings by members of the Emergency Assistance team and Deacons who collectively get to know the person(s,) assess for any tangible needs that the church might be able to meet, and help refer them to various partner resources in the area.