Foundations is an opportunity for the church to help young adults establish a sustainable framework to follow Christ for the rest of their lives. This will be accomplished through the intentional structure of mentoring, training and serving together in the context of community.  We consider this to be one of the most significant ministries at BPC due to its focus on holistically developing young professionals in the church who know how to integrate a robust life with Christ into their already busy lives by learning to value and prioritize the right things.

Who is Foundations Designed For?

Foundations is designed for anyone going through major life transition which is so common to young professionals.  Whether your transition is from college to career, graduate school to career, or you’ve been working for a few years but find yourself lost or stale in integrating your walk with Christ into all of life, Foundations is for you.  Maybe you are already a mature Christ-follower who was involved in college ministry but are still trying to figure out what following Christ looks like in the context of the local church…Foundations is for you.  Our hope is to serve the existing YoPro group within our church by supporting them with this holistic and committed discipleship program specifically contextualized for the people in our church community.

What are the aspects of this program?

When starting a program like this, it is important to gain momentum and cast vision for what the next year will look like. That is why we start off the year with a one- day retreat focused on initiating and assimilating you into the lifestyle of the program.

One major key to personal growth and development in life is to pursue people in life who have “been there and done that” and thus have wisdom to share. We will get you connected to a mentor who will personally invest in and meet with you to just talk about life.

As Christian believers, we ought to seek to be not only willing, but effectively trained for doing the work of Christ in the world around us. In Foundations, we hope to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” Training times include:

September: Studying Scripture Well January: Suffering
October: Long-term commitment in family & friend relationships February: Life Long Disciple Making
November: Diaconal / Mercy ministry April: Prayer
December: Sharing your Faith May: What does life look like in our church now?

Often times, our lives can be consumed by intellectual assent and inward-focused and insulated living, but Christ intended for our lives to be outward-focused and tangibly impactful to people in need around us. Therefore, we will be finding unique and consistent ways to serve others, both inside and outside the church. Opportunities for service may include volunteering with World Relief, Immigrant Hope, babysitting for Young Lives and tutoring.

While we believe discipleship to be comprised of all our life experiences as Christians, this program will include gender-specific groups that emulate Jesus’ model of doing life with people. This will include things such as studying the Bible, confession of sin, counseling one another’s hearts towards the Lord, and prayer. Part of our time together will be to study a curriculum. We will also read and discuss one book a month in our time together:

September: Knowing God – chapters 1-3 (J.I. Packer) February: From Brokenness to Community (Jean Vanier)
October: From Fear to Freedom (Rose Marie Miller) March: Waking up White (Debby Irving)
Nov/Dec: Do Something (Kevin DeYoung) May: Defining Decade (Meg Jay)
January: Making Room (Christine Pohl)

As is reflective of God’s very nature himself, we are called to live and grow in the light of community with other people. Our aspect of biblical community is integrally interwoven with each of the other five aspects, however will also include fun and low-key hang times
as well!

Mission Trip
One of the biggest ways to expand our vision for how God is working in the rest of the world is to go on a short-term mission trip. Together, we will go to El Salvador in March.

What is the cost for Foundations?

Because we believe that each of the aspects listed above play an important role in gaining the full picture of growing together as a community, we are asking for a conscious and serious commitment to your attendance and investment; ultimately, this program will be what you make it. We know that you are busy, but also believe this program is valuable and reasonable.  We desire to follow Christ’s call in Mark 8:34-36 which says “And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” We strongly believe that by spending this year investing in your spiritual health in this capacity will help you continue in following this call.


  • $2,000 (books, materials, outings, gatherings, staff oversight, etc.) – This can be paid monthly over the course of the year and should be thought of as practice for tithing to the Church.
  • $1,500 (mission trip) – This can be raised as support throughout the year.

Note: If you believe God is calling you to participate in Foundations, DO NOT let money be a reason you don’t commit, please talk to us first!

What is the schedule for Foundations?


  • August 24-26:Retreat (Foundations Retreat will be immediately after the BPC Leadership Retreat)
  • September 9: First Community Dinner and Discipleship group
  • November 3: Cookout
  • December 16: Christmas Party (and break from activities)
  • January 6: Return from Christmas break
  • February: Group Outing
  • March: Mission trip to El Salvador
  • April 30: Reflection paper due
  • May 31: End of the year party


  • BPC Leadership Meeting: 2nd Sunday of each month
  • Meeting with mentor: 1 x per month as planned with mentor
  • Individual meeting with Evan or Beth: 1 x per month
  • Community Dinner and Discipleship group: Every Sunday
  • Serving: World Relief, Tutoring, Family Ministry, etc..
  • Training: 3rd Saturday of each month