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For the past 4 years Brookhaven Presbyterian Church has sought to glorify God by being a faithful witness of the gospel in our community. Through God’s graciousness, we have grown both spiritually and numerically, and the leadership of our church believes God is calling us to expand the ministry of our church through the following next steps: moving into a more permanent building and expanding our mercy ministry to address the refugee crisis.

This Capital campaign is our attempt to do those things.


The Next Steps

“Despite the glitz of new development and upward mobility, sin is knocking at the door in Brookhaven. If left unchecked by the love of Christ, the current trajectory of this community will result in material prosperity without deeper fulfillment, insular gentrification leading to exploitative expulsion of minorities and the less-fortunate, worldly success at the expense of the family unit, comfort that is blind to the plight of neighbor, and most importantly, separation from God and the consequent lack of fulfillment, joy, and peace, due to self-idolatry. By God’s grace, if we are able to bring the entirety of the gospel, God’s work of redemption and consummation, to our community, people will experience first salvation for their souls as they find the One who is the lover of their soul, and second the resultant flourishing that happens as those who have been redeemed engage a lost world in myriad ways.”

-Brookhaven Presbyterian Ministry Plan, 2012

The words above are still true, and therefore the need for our church to continue to meet these challenges is still pressing. As we move forward in the ministry of our church we have two pressing needs:

1. Space

To facilitate the continuing growth of our church, our Session and Council have decided to sign a 7-year lease on a new building at the corner of Dresden and Apple Valley in Brookhaven that will enable us room to grow and continue to minister to the community around us.

2. Mercy Ministry

We have long desired to be committed to the human flourishing of the community and world around us, and our mercy ministry has taken great strides toward that goal. We sense an opportunity to take a significant step forward in how we engage our world with the love of Christ through partnering with World Relief in addressing the refugee crisis. We are raising money to resettle refugee families closer to the church and creating care teams to serve those families.


What Can I Do?

Prayerfully consider committing to Brookhaven Presbyterian Church in one or more of the following ways:


The church’s need is $600,000 ($475,000 for help with building costs and $125,000 to spearhead our refugee ministry). Additionally, now is a good time to evaluate our current giving habits. If you are a member or a regular attender, we invite you to consider giving regularly to the church if you do not do so now.


This campaign is a good opportunity to evaluate your level of commitment to our church! If you have been part of our church for a while, God may be calling you to engage in a deeper way by committing to membership or leadership in the church.


The needs of BPC are not just financial. We need people to serve in order to do relational ministry well. We invite you to consider this opportunity to serve with our refugee care teams or in some other way in the community.

“…And I am confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6

We are so blessed by you. Thank you for your presence at Brookhaven Pres!

Campaign Commitment

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