In the New Testament Paul describes the church as a body made of many inter-dependent parts (1 Corinthians 12). These parts are truly different, are all necessary, and when functioning together, comprise a healthy body. Because we as a church desire to be a healthy, fully-functioning body, we are committed to helping Christians who want to grow spiritually to discern their gifts and passions, figure out who God called them to serve with those gifts, and how to develop those gifts in a fruitful way. Our primary means of doing this are the ministry teams listed below, in which leaders use their gifts to build relationships and invest into the lives of a specific group of people, teaching them to do the same. These teams are the primary ministry engine of the church, enabling us to collectively do all the things that God has called us to.

Ministry Teams

Congregational Care
Coordinate care teams with support services including but not limited to child care, meals, lawn and home help, and Sunday morning worship accommodations for families with both long and short term special needs (i.e. illness, family member with special needs, divorce, bereavement, etc.)
CONTACT: Emily Evans | emilybouevans@gmail.com

Emergency Assistance
Primary goal is to meet with and welcome folks who are in need of urgent/emergent assistance (food, transportation, emergency housing, etc.) and evaluate how BPC can help fulfill those needs or connect these folks to appropriate community resources. Team members would help facilitate intakes, have ongoing relationships with people we meet/assist, help the congregation better understand our assistance process and procedures, and communicate with the Deacons and Diaconal team about these cases.
CONTACT: John Moultrie | johnmoultrie@gmail.com

Family Ministry
An integrated ministry of serving children and partnering with their families to provide resources, community and support as families journey in their faith.
CONTACT: Charity Cho Riley | charity.cho@brookhavenpres.com

Foundations is an opportunity for the church to help young adults establish a sustainable framework to follow Christ in the church for the rest of their lives. This will be accomplished through the intentional structure of mentoring, training and serving together in the context of community as they commit to this annual program beginning in September and ending in May.
CONTACT: Evan Lowell | evan.lowell@brookhavenpres.com

CareOur goal is to increase awareness of foster care and adoption and provide both spiritual and tangible support for families at BPC who are fostering or adopting. We partner with a faith-based nonprofit organization called Promise 686 that provides curriculums, trainings, and resources for churches with foster care/adoption ministries.
CONTACT: Bethany Emanuel | bethanyemanuel511@gmail.com

Our gathering ministry is our assimilation ministry. Leaders focus on helping newer people get more connected in the church. They meet with new people who fill out contact cards on Sunday mornings as well as plan newcomers’ lunches 4 times each year.
CONTACT: Zach Bradley | Zachary.Bradley@BrookhavenPres.com

Medical Campus Outreach exists to glorify God by training a new generation of health-care providers to bring the healing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, locally on health care campuses in Atlanta GA and then to deploy missional teams to carry out this calling globally under the authority of a local church.
CONTACT: Stephen Ramsey | stephenramsey24@gmail.com

The missions team seeks to encourage missions in our congregation and to consistently pray for, support, and be generous towards missionaries we carefully choose to support.
CONTACT: Dave McNay | davebobber2@yahoo.com

Nursing Home
We are partnering with Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehab to visit with and to show love to their residents through engaging them with an adopt a grandparent program and helping with events and parties throughout the year. Everyone that is taking part in the adopt a grandparent program will be paired up with one of the residents and commit to visiting them about once a week. Games and suggesting activities will be provided as well as a brief orientation as you start to get to know your grandparent.
CONTACT: Harrison Smith | harrison.smith.88@gmail.com

Engage with students in the Buford Hwy / Dresden Dr neighborhood through tutoring, mentoring, performing arts classes and Bible studies.
CONTACT: Jonathan Surls  |  jdsurls@yahoo.com

Refugee Care
The Refugee Care team seeks to engage with Atlanta’s refugee community by befriending refugees and assisting with their transition to life in America. So far, this has involved providing ESL training, transportation to medical appointments, and general help with a variety of additional logistical items.
CONTACT: Nick Colavito | nickcolavito1088@gmail.com

Student Ministry

Lead a youth discipleship group that focuses on deepening in the understanding and application of God’s word. Investing time in building, influencing and encouraging a constellation of godly and meaningful relationships with our youth.
CONTACT: Charity Cho Riley | charity.cho@brookhavenpres.com

Women’s/Men’s Discipleship
We believe that the purpose of discipleship is to see God work in the lives of our congregation so that they grow spiritually as well as to equip people to become new leaders as they mature spiritually so that they will in turn create new leaders who will help others grow spiritually. Our groups are gender specific and comprised of 4-8 members who commit to meet for one year at a time. The role of a discipleship leader is to form their group, pray regularly for each member, come prepared to lead weekly meetings and as you are able to meet with your members one-on-one outside of the group setting.
CONTACT: Beth Goss | Beth.Goss@BrookhavenPres.com (women) or Joseph Antonio | j.joseph.antonio@gmail.com (men)

Leaders connect with new members of the church and help them get plugged into to various other aspects of the church (e.g., meeting new people, discipleship groups, volunteering, leadership, etc.). Specifically, they help connect with a handful of people per semester, help schedule 1-2 social events per year, and assist in other responsibilities (email, community group speakers, coordinating with other ministry teams, etc.)
CONTACT: James Smith | smithjamesejr@gmail.com

Young Lives
We partner with East Atlanta Young Life to minister to teen moms at Cross Keys High School. If you can commit weekly time (and are female), there are many girls that still need a mentor to spend time with them, encourage them, and tell them about Jesus. The time commitment is flexible to your schedule. If you are looking for a smaller commitment, there is a need for monthly childcare, monthly dinner provision, and weekly lunch provision. Come make an impact on this generation and the next!
CONTACT: Caroline Antonio | caroline.huber.antonio@gmail.comor Diane Storie | dianestorie8@gmail.com

If you would like more information on Leadership or how to get involved, please contact Hace Cargo.