We believe that people who are spiritually mature Christians are called to give of themselves by ministering to a small group of other people. Our leadership is the primary ministry engine of our church, and it enables our church to effectively reach out to our neighbors, train and grow in our faith through discipleship, and serve our community.

Ministry Leaders

Beth Goss Director of Ministry |  beth.goss@brookhavenpres.com

Charity Cho Riley Director of Family Ministry |  charity.cho@brookhavenpres.com

Kristy Denbow Director of Family Ministry |  kristydenbow@gmail.com

Stefan Cashwell Director of Music & Worship |  stefancashwell@gmail.com

Evan Lowell Director of Foundations  |  evanlowell1@gmail.com

Dave McNay Missions  |  davebobber2@yahoo.com

James Smith Young Professionals  |  smithjamesejr@gmail.com

Hace Cargo Men’s Discipleship  |  hace.cargo@brookhavenpres.com

Beth Goss Womens’ Discipleship  |  beth.goss@brookhavenpres.com


Ryan Tuttle  |  ryan@ryantuttle.com

Dave McNay  |  davebobber2@yahoo.com

Ryan Denbow  |  ryandenbow@gmail.com

Women’s Council

Emily Evans  |  emilyjboudreaux@gmail.com

Kimberly Perez  |  kimsamlut@gmail.com

Anne Marie Dine  |  annemarie08@gmail.com


Bethany Emanuel  |  bethanyemanuel511@gmail.com

Laura Martino  |  lauramartino@gmail.com

John Moultrie  |  johnmoultrie@gmail.com

Jonathan Surls |  jdsurls@yahoo.com

Interested in being part of our leadership team?

Review the following information and contact Pastor Hace Cargo with any questions you may have.

Leadership Teams

2018-2023 Ministry Plan


Why Plant Churches? by Tim Keller

Leadership Requirements/Job Descriptions

Leadership Application

Leadership Manual Appendices