Church Membership

We believe membership in a church body is important for all believers. If you would like to make BPC your home, please come to our two membership classes. They are each offered twice a year, and it doesn’t matter the order in which you attend. We also ask that you read Why Church Matters by Joshua Harris.

Childcare is provided by RSVP only. Contact Laurel Chason. If you or your child is considering baptism, please contact Beth Goss.

Upcoming dates are:

• October 28th 2017 (Class B)

January 27th 2018 (Class A)

• April 28th 2018 (Class B)

• July 28th 2018 (Class A)





Video: What is Church?

Membership Class Part 1 Booklet

Membership Class Part 2 Booklet

• Westminster Confession of Faith 

Why Church Matters by Joshua Harris