Brookhaven Presbyterian Church endeavors to expand the kingdom of God through raising up and bringing in missionaries by discipling, sending, sustaining, and encouraging them. We desire to incarnationally and reciprocally partner with missionaries around the world. BPC should be a natural outflow of our passions as a congregation and should reflect our values; relational (incarnational) mission, generosity, human flourishing, redemption and prayer.

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  • By believing that prayer shows our humble reliance on God’s work and gives glory to Him
  • By believing that prayer is as essential to the work of missionaries as monetary or physical support
  • By being intentional and consistent in our asking for prayer needs from our missionaries
  • By committing to weekly prayer for our supported missionaries

Human Flourishing:

  • By having a holistic ministry we place value on all of our core values being fleshed out concurrently by individuals and teams
  • By desiring our missionaries connect to many different aspects of their community, cultivating life and promoting human thriving
  • By being supportive of our missionaries in such a way to promote their best work and health
  • By being a safe place for them to be honest

Incarnational Ministry:

  • By placing a high value on discipling our congregants from infant to eldest
  • By communicating a vision for God’s work in the world through Worship
  • By serving on short-term trips
  • By coming alongside congregants who are interested in serving long-term to help train, prepare, and counsel on where and when God might be calling
    • Missions discipleship groups
    • Training and debriefing short-term teams
    • Involvement in Mercy ministry
  • By knowing our missionaries and their families
  • By supporting well, giving and receiving care
  • By developing relationships long-term through reciprocal visits and communication


  • By being generous we shift our reliance onto the provision of God our Father
  • By heavily supporting each missionary’s support raising expenses
  • By focusing on supporting and sustaining missionaries and their families Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically
  • By being a safe place for open communication, we commit to being generous with grace and understanding


  • By inviting the Holy Spirit into both the preparation and processes of our actions, knowing that they come tainted from the start and only Christ can redeem them.
  • By leading not with our own competence but humbly relying on Christ’s restoration of that which is hopelessly broken
  • By partnering with those ministries and church planters who are evangelizing, living incarnationally, serving sacrificially and praying consistently
  • By placing a heavy value upon our potential missionary’s experience with grace
  • By keeping our first inclination with conflict an attitude of peace rather than retaliation. When wronged we seek reconciliation with our offender, offering forgiveness
  • When even one comes to faith we celebrate God’s work to change hearts rather than self-inflation


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