We partner with an organization called “Presencia” that is a neighborhood-based tutoring, mentoring and leadership development program in Atlanta’s immigrant community. This has involved carpooling kids to after school programs, bible studies, and volunteering at other community events.

For more information contact Jonathan Surls.

Additional Ways to Partner

  • Girls bible study for middle and high school girls on Friday nights. Women who might want to come cook, teach, or do fun stuff with the girls are welcome to join.
  • Each month at the after-school program, they have a guest speaker share with the kids what they do, how they got there, and what they love about their job. It can be from 15-30 minutes. This inspires the kids to dream in new ways and provides motivation for their future. Please email Kathy if you are interested.
  • Host a monthly staff gathering: Discipleship groups can open up their homes and extend hospitality by hosting a monthly staff gathering. Each month their staff gets together for a shared meal, time of encouragement and leadership development. It would be for their 8 staff.
  • Host a Pop-up shop: Invite your group and others into your home. Their staff would come and share their stories and share what they do at Presencia.
  • Each year they have a party for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and the end of the year. BPC members/small groups could help plan, host, or volunteer for any of these parties.