Serving with
Children & Family Ministry

We believe that children are a blessing and a heritage from God and are a valued part of our congregation. Our vision is for every child to know they are loved and valued as a unique person made in the image of God to glorify Him. Family ministry provides an excellent opportunity for many who are looking to serve Christ through serving children and their families

FAQs about Serving in Family Ministry

What ages of children have Sunday morning classes?

We have classes for all children ages 0-5th grade at the 9:00 service& classes for children ages 0 – 1st grade at 10:45 service.

Is there curriculum that is provided?

We only provide nursery care in our infant and young toddler classes. But each of our preschool (ages 2- 5) and Elementary children (K-5 Grade) classes has its own age-appropriate curriculum with a lesson plan and ideas for each week.

What is the process to volunteer or teach in Family Ministry?

All children volunteers and teachers must go through a background check and undergo a classroom management, CPR, and first aid training before serving in the classrooms.

Do I need to be a BPC member to serve?

We highly encourage you to be on Leadership if you are the classroom teacher; however, we need over 90 helpers in the classrooms, hence non-members and non-leaders are encouraged to serve as volunteers.

How often would I serve?

We ask that you commit to serving on a team once a month during EITHER the 9:00 am or 10:45 am service from August-June.

What are the serving positions available?

  • Classroom Volunteer: Assisting classroom teachers
  • Classroom Teacher: Responsible in teaching the curriculum and managing the classroom
  • Coordinator: Coordinating the Sunday check-ins and overseeing all of Family ministry throughout the Sunday service times.
  • Discipleship Group Leader: Mentoring an Elementary children (2nd-5th Grade) group that focuses on a deeper study of the Bible and building a constellation of healthy relationships with the church family.

What are the ages for each class?

0-11 month: Red Class (Nursery Care)

1 year old: Purple Class (Nursery Care)

2 years old: Green Class (Casually Structured Lesson Time)

3 years old: Blue Class 

4 years old: Pink Class 

Kindergarten-1st Grade: Yellow Class* 

2nd-5th Grade: Orange Class* 

* Classes for Kindergarten–5th grade only begin after worship. We highly encourage our elementary children to worship with their families before attending class.