Online Sunday Worship

through May 10th at 10:00am

Click HERE to watch the 3/29 Service & HERE to download the bulletin.

For Families click HERE for the 3/29 curriculum.


Dear Brookhaven Pres,

It probably goes without saying that in the midst of all sorts of stress on all of us last week’s corporate Zoom Worship was really encouraging.  It probably goes without saying, but the reality is that our physical presence really is something that can’t be reproduced.  What we will do on Zoom over the next few weeks is not the body of Christ gathered.  But since we are deprived of meeting together, Zoom gives us a good alternative that sacrifices some level of quality for the benefit of getting to see one another’s faces.

A few notes on Zoom worship:

1. If you’re checking out our website, feel free to ‘visit’ BPC Zoom church.  It’s not a livestream the way some churches are doing but we like it because it enables us to see one another.  That may be weird if you’re just popping in. We would love to see your face but also, feel free not to enable the video if you’d rather not.

2. A handful of us will gather a few minutes before the service starts and be unmuted. Join us if you would like.

3. As we did last week, we’ll also unmute everyone at the end of the service.  Stick around if you would like to have a little more face time with others in the church..

4. The bulletin is attached to this update.  Feel free to either print it out or pull it up alongside your Zoom window.

5. Feel free to use the chat feature on Zoom during the service.  That’s totally acceptable.

6. This Sunday we’re going to do primarily this and not send out a separate devotional. Please let us know if you miss the devotional and would like one in coming weeks.

7. We also have a couple other things coming up this week:

1. Time of Worship: Stefan will lead us in worship on Facebook Live on Wednesday at 10:30 AM.  We would love for you to join us if you are able or you can watch later. Click HERE to get to the BPC Facebook page.

2. Leader Prayer: If you weren’t aware, leaders at BPC meet to pray in small groups before church every Sunday.  We’ll start those up as Zoom calls starting this week.  If you aren’t usually in prayer groups and you’d like to be, please let Beth know.

3. Brief Survey on Needs: As a church, we would like to be able to walk alongside anyone in our congregation or in our community who is finding themselves in need of assistance as a result of Covid-19. If you are in need of assistance, know someone that is or would like to help those who may be in need of assistance, click HERE to fill out this brief survey.

May God be with us all. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.  See you Sunday.

Much love,