What is foundations?

Foundations is an opportunity for the church to help young adults establish a sustainable framework to follow Christ for the rest of their lives. This will be accomplished through the intentional structure of mentoring, training and serving together in the context of community. We consider this to be one of the most significant ministries at BPC due to its focus on holistically developing young professionals in the church who know how to integrate a robust life with Christ into their already busy lives by learning to value and prioritize the right things.

who is foundations for?

Foundations is designed for anyone going through major life transition which is so common to young professionals. Whether your transition is from college to career, graduate school to career, or you’ve been working for a few years but find yourself lost or stale in integrating your walk with Christ into all of life, Foundations is for you. Maybe you are already a mature Christ-follower who was involved in college ministry but are still trying to figure out what following Christ looks like in the context of the local church…Foundations is for you. Our hope is to serve the existing YoPro group within our church by supporting them with this holistic and committed discipleship program specifically contextualized for the people in our church community.