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We want to be a church that is driven by its leadership structure, encouraging our people to invest
in others as Christ has invested in us. As such, we see outward ministry increasing through our various ministry teams listed below.

congregational care

The Congregational Care team seeks to grasp and fulfill the call of Christ to love one another as he has loved us so that they can support our congregation in times of both joy and sorrow. There are both long and short-term care teams which provide tangible support and relational connection.


We believe that the purpose of discipleship is to see God work in the lives of our congregation so that they grow spiritually as well as to equip people to become new leaders as they mature spiritually so that they will in turn create new leaders who will help others grow spiritually. Our groups are gender specific and comprised of 4-8 members who commit to meet for one year at a time. Serving on the discipleship leadership team is a commitment to lead or co-lead one of these groups.

Emergency assistance

The Emergency Assistance team evaluates and assists those in urgent/emergent need in and around our community with food, transportation, and housing. Our desire is to interact relationally with those in need of assistance.


Foundations is a year-long program (September - May) designed to help young adults establish a sustainable framework to follow Christ in their everyday lives. This happens through the core components of discipleship groups, mentors, reading books, regular theological trainings, serving on a ministry team, and a short-term mission trip. Those on the Leadership team can serve in a variety of ways that might pertain to any of these core components or in different creative ways that can be worked out with the program director.

Foster Care and adoption

Through partnerships with Promise 686 and other agencies we provide support to BPC families who are fostering or adopting. We seek to increase awareness of and heart for these ministries within the church.

Immigrant Care

The primary way the team serves is alongside Presencia ( to develop relationships with students in the
Buford Hwy / Dresden Dr neighborhood through tutoring,
mentoring, performing arts classes and Bible studies.

 Intercessory Prayer

The Intercessory Prayer Leadership Team seeks to embody the command to "pray without ceasing" by gathering and training people to serve by means of interceding on behalf of the people, leaders, and ministries of BPC. Gathered into groups of three, these Prayer Triplets will pray consistently on site for and during events, regular ministry gatherings and projects, as well as over people, groups, places, and spaces. The goal is that every event, leader, and church ministry is regularly, faithfully, and knowledgeably covered in prayer.


The team supports the global work of the church by investing in national and international partners through prayer, giving and service.

Student and Family ministry

Lead and journey with the next generation as they learn and grow in knowing God and His word. There are many different roles for everyone to find their fit.

Refugee care

The Refugee Care team serves the refugee community, partnering with local refugee organizations, and building long-term relationships while meeting tangible needs of refugee families.

Wednesday night worship

Wednesday Night Worship is a mid-week opportunity for people to build community and experience a different flavor of BPC worship. Those on the Leadership team will regularly attend WNW, show up early to pray over the service, intentionally build relationships with those who come, meet new people on Sundays and point them to WNW, and help with logistics of social nights.

For more information about serving on our leadership teams, contact evan lowell.